What are the benefits of Poppy Paper ?

Our products last forever, they are allergy friendly, beautiful and a more stustainable product in the long run compared to fresh flowers.

Are shipment fees included in the price?

Depending on where you live, there will be additional shipping fees to the price of the flowers you order. But, if you live in Copenhagen we would be happy to deliver the flowers in person.

What do I do with the flowers when I want to change them out?

It is compleatly up to you, but we would love for you to send the flowers back so that we can use the whole bouquet or parts of the flowers again in a new arrangement for someone else. What makes paper flowers more sustainable is if we allow them to live as long as posiable and reuse materials. You would ofcourse get a discountet price on a new bouquet if you send the "old" one back to us!

Is it possiable to costumize your own bouquet?

Yes! We would love to make you a bouquet that suits your style. You can eather contact us by mail, chat with us here on poppypaper.dk or send us a direct message on our instagram accound ( poppypaperdk ).